For those of you who have thought of taking or are on the highly advertised product called “Nugenix”, there is another product out there that you will see better and faster results with. This product is called RestoreFull and it can be found in your local GNC Franchise stores.

Nugenix claims that it helps boost libido/stamina/lean muscle/and vitality in men, however there are no clinical studies to back these claims up. On top of that the online/billing purchase of this product has a lot to be desired!

RestoreFull on the other hand has ingredients that have been clinically studied and proven to not only help boost libido/stamina/lean muscle/and vitality in men but women can benefit from all of these as well! On top of all these benefits it also has clinicals backing it up to help with adrenal support and lowering cortisol levels and body fat. These clinicals can be found at by clicking on the product “RestoreFull” and links are provided on that page.

A lot of people come in for the Nugenix because of advertising, however, a lot MORE people come BACK for the RestoreFull because of its effects!

They are both the same price for a 30 day supply. The Nugenix is a 3/day where the RestoreFull is only 2/day!

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