RestoreFull is an effective and potent test booster for men but what will it do for women??  It helps to balance hormones, regulate periods, combat age related weight gain, fight off fatigue, and spark the libido!  For a personal testimonial I can say that I have NEVER had regular periods!  They were always a surprise when and if I would get them.  Within a couple of months of being on the RestoreFull at 2 per day I can now say I have them every 28-32 days.  I also noticed my belly slimmed down with in a couple of weeks.  Too much estrogen (estrogen dominance) causes fat gain, water retention, and bloating.  RestoreFull contains KSM-66 which helps to regulate estrogen levels and alleviate many of these symptoms.  It also lowers cortisol (stress hormone) by 28% which can also aid in lowering belly fat as well as spark the metabolism.  The Primavie helps to increase energy at the cellular level which can help fight fatigue and increase stamina in every day activities.  RestoreFull has a ton of clinical studies behind promoting desire and lubrication for women.  On a personal level I can attest to this!  These are adaptogens that works safely for men AND women!!

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